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We are Specialising in Aged Care, Back and Neck Pain, Work Cover accidents, Sports injuries & Veteran’s affairs.

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Lesley Tompson

Lesley Tompson

Principal Physiotherapist

Lesley graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 1995, and has undergone further study with the McKenzie Institute while working in the USA.
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Nicholas Kluzek

Nicholas Kluzek

Senior Physiotherapist

Since gaining qualification in 2006, he has developed expertise in sports rehabilitation. His passion for this originates from a personal history of playing football, tennis and basketball at State level.
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With over 20 years of manual experience both within Australia and the United States, Lesley is confident providing all aspects of physiotherapy care.

Her particular strengths are found in orthopaedics due to her strong manual skills, which she utilises in conjuction with stabilising/strengthening programs and hydrotherapy where appropriate.

Lesley has experience in many other areas of physiotherapy, including inpatient rehab, spinal cord and amputee rehab, aged care and home care.

Lesley is a keen sportswoman, actively playing field hockey for the North East Hockey Club, and running professionally with the South Australian Athletic League. She also maintains a continued interest in amateur athletics, having previously travelled as the physio/masseuse for the Athletics SA national team.

Nicholas skills have allowed him to work with professional and semi-professional athletes in South Australia and have given him the opportunity to travel overseas on a number of occasions and liaise with college football and soccer teams.

Additionally, Nicholas has extensive experience in work cover and return to work programs. He implements tailored exercise programs directed at functionality to achieve desired outcomes. While adept at utilizing manual therapies with patients, Nicholas believes that a balanced approach is best attained by empowering the individual to have control over their injury with exercise and education. The best result is achieved when the patient doesn’t have a reliance on the physiotherapist and is enabled to help themselves.