Do you wish you could understand even a little bit of what your xray report was going on about? Although medical words look difficult, they are actually just small bits of Latin words all smooshed together.

Use this resource to look up some of these latin bits, and see if you can make sense of some common medical terms.

Here’s a few that popped in to my head;

Arthr = Joint
itis = Inflammation
Arthritis = Inflammation of the Joint

Neur = nerve
algia = Pain
Neuraligia = Pain from the nerve

Angio = Heart
Gram = record or writing
Angiogram = Record of the heart

Poly = many
My= muscle
algia = pain
Pain in lots of muscles

Pulm= lung
ectomy = remove or excise by surgery
Pulmonectomy = Surgical removal of lung tissue

Try some! It’s super fun, and look how your knowledge is expanding! Remember, if in doubt, chat to a medical professional for clarification.

By Lesley Tompson


a(n) absence of
acou, acu hear
aden(o) gland
aer(o) air
alg pain
andr(o) man
angi(o) vessel
ankyl(o) crooked, curved
ante before
anter(i) front, forward
anti against
arteri(o) artery
arthr(o) joint
articul joint
ather(o) fatty
audi(o) hearing
aur(i) ear
aut(o) self
bi, bis double, twice, two
brachy short
brady slow
bucc(o) cheek
carcin(o) cancer
cardi(o) heart
cephal(o) head
cerebr(o) brain
cervic neck
chol(e) bile, or referring to gall-bladder
chondr(o) cartilage
circum around, about
contra against, counter
corpor body
cost(o) rib
crani(o) skull
cry(o) cold
cut skin
cyan(o) blue
cyst(o) bladder
cyt(o) cell
dactyl(o) finger or toe
dent tooth
derm(ato) skin
dipl(o) double
dors back
dys bad, faulty, abnormal
ectomy excision (removal by cutting)
emia blood
encephal(o) brain
end(o) inside
enter(o) intestine
epi outer, superficial, upon
erythr(o) red
eu normal
extra outside
gastr(o) stomach
gen become, originate
gloss(o) tongue
glyc(o) sweet, or referring to glucose
gram, graph write, record
gyn woman
hem(ato) blood
hemi half
hepat(o) liver
hist(o) tissue
hydr(o) water
hyper excessive, high
hypo deficient, low
hyster(o) uterus
iatr(o) doctor
infra beneath
inter among, between
intra inside
itis inflammation
lact(o) milk
lapar(o) flank, abdomen
latero side
leuk(o) white
lingu(o) tongue
lip(o) fat
lys(is) dissolve
mal bad, abnormal
malac soft
mamm(o) breast
mast(o) breast
megal(o) large
melan(o) black
mening(o) membranes
my(o) muscle
myc(o) fungus
myel(o) marrow
nas(o) nose
necr(o) death
nephr(o) kidney
neur(o) nerve
nutri nourish
ocul(o) eye
odyn(o) pain
oma tumor
onc(o) tumor
oophor(o) ovaries
ophthalm(o) eye
opia vision
opsy examination
orchi(o) testes
osis condition
osse(o) bone
oste(o) bone
ot(o) ear
path(o) disease
ped(o) child
penia deficient, deficiency
peps, pept digest
peri around
phag(o) eat, destroy
pharmaco drug
pharyng(o) throat
phleb(o) vein
phob(ia) fear
plasty repair
pleg(ia) paralysis
pnea breathing
pneum(ato) breath, air
pneumon(o) lung
pod(o) foot
poie make, produce
poly much, many
post after
poster(i) back, behind
presby elder
proct(o) anus
pseud(o) false
psych(o) mind
pulmon(o) lung
pyel(o) pelvis of kidney
pyr(o) fever, fire
rachi(o) spine
ren(o) kidneys
rhag break, burst
rhe flow
rhin(o) nose
scler(o) hard
scope instrument
scopy examination
somat(o) body
spondyl(o) vertebra
steat(o) fat
sten(o) narrow, compressed
steth(o) chest
stom mouth, opening
supra above
tachy fast, quick
therap treatment
therm(o) heat
thorac(o) chest
thromb(o) clot, lump
tomy incision (operation by cutting)
tox(i) poison
uria urine
vas(o) vessel
ven(o) vein
vesic(o) bladder
xer(o) dry
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Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article! Its the little changes that produce the largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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